How Points are Earned

Club points are accrued on an annual (calendar year) basis, and trophies and certificates are awarded at the annual Winter Party, usually in January, in multiple catagories. While members of the Board of Directors may accrue points throughout the year, they are ineligible for awards.

20 points are awarded for attending a club event such as a monthly meeting (GTR) or a Tech Session.
20 additional points are awarded for driving one of our beloved Triumphs to the event.
15 additional points are awarded for wearing any kind of club wear (hat, jacket, name badge, etc.) to the event.

Some events, such as Cars & Motorcycles of England (CMoE), are worth extra points by means of a "Points Multiplier" (see "Event List" report).

A special bonus is available to any member who organizes an event. That member will be awarded points as described above, plus a bonus of 1.5 times the maximum earned by any member attending the event.